About the Event.

Debugging is a technical event where you need to find the exact point of programming error and make possible corrections to get the desired output.

There will be both logical & syntax errors in the program..

Date of event : 22nd September, 2021
Time : 10.00 AM onwards


1) What is debugging?
Debugging is an event where you will be finding out the errors in the code and solving it.

2) Who is this Event for?
C and C++ Programmers.

3) What will be the Outcome of this Event?

  • This event will help in developing your problem solving skills, enhancing your coding skills and your logical thinking ability.
  • It will help you understand the nuances of debugging a program.

Taking part in such debugging events teaches you how to be more focused on the task and not only complete it efficiently, but also accurately. These skills are highly beneficial for any jobs and interviews.

Registration Closed.

Registration Closed


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