Think. Create. Re-create

About the Event.

Let your brain do the marathon now, Ideas elite – Ideathon is an event where the participant has to think out of the box and is given 10 hours of time to come up with a solution for a given problem situation. It’s your turn to “Think. create. and Re-create” and come up with feasible technical solutions and innovations. Participants may also make a prototype of their ideas and may present their solution using presentations, videos and more.

Event : ideathon
Members per team : up to 3 participants
Date of event : 22nd September, 2021
Time : 9.00 AM onwards


1) What is an ideathon?
An ideathon is an event where you will be working with the other participants who signed up and want to help come up with exciting new solutions to a challenge.
2) Who can participate?
Everyone is welcome! It’s free of charge and an event aimed at having fun while learning and developing. If you want to:

  • Network and make contacts
  • Make a difference by collaborating with others
  • Work on challenges with people with other perspectives
  • Think about solutions and develop ideas
then this is the perfect event for you!
3) Will there be a certificate for this event?
Yes, there will be a certificate of participation, for all the participants, and certificates of achievement for all the winners. These certificates can be added to your resume to add value to it. So, try not to miss this opportunity guys!
4) Is there a participation fee?
No, the event is absolutely free!! Gear up for some idea battles.
5) Do I need to know programming to participate?
Not at all!

Can’t wait to hear all of your ideas !!
See you all...


Registration Closed.

Registration Closed


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